DataArchiva’s latest version 3.17 is now available in the AppExchange

DataArchiva has released the latest version of the application V 3.17 in the last week of May 2020. The new version of the first & only native data archiving solution for Salesforce is now generally available for the new as well as existing customers. 

In the latest release, DataArchiva has rolled out a few new features. Some of the top new features are;


  • The newly introduced feature Import/Export will allow the users to move DataArchiva configuration from one Org to another Org. This will help enterprises in terms of deployment from their Sandbox environment to Production environment. 
  • This feature will save a lot of reconfiguration time & effort.

Audit Configuration

  • Users can now select the events of DataArchiva for which it needs to be audited.

Apart from these new features, we have made some major enhancements to some of the existing features. The following are the feature enhancements.

Audit Events

  • DataArchiva has added more events to be audited which will help enterprises to track the activities around archiving. 

Salesforce Detail Page Load Optimized

  • The Salesforce record detail page where DataArchiva related list components are placed will now load faster as the loading of the DataArchiva related list components will not hold the loading of the Salesforce detail page.

The new release of the application will make Salesforce data management more streamlined and intuitive. With DataArchiva, Salesforce enterprise customers can archive their legacy data (old emails, contacts, cases, leads, etc.) & store it securely at a native level in the Big Objects without losing integrity. The solution has successfully helped many enterprises save 85%+ storage costs, improve their CRM performance & adhere to data governance. 

Please note that DataArchiva is also offering an external archiving option with its extended package DataConnectiva, using which Salesforce customers can store their archived data in any external Cloud or On-premise storage systems including AWS, Google, Azure, and Heroku. 

Check the app in the AppExchange.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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