Why should you consider DataArchiva for Salesforce Data Archiving & not a Custom Solution?

Salesforce data management has its own challenges, but paying huge storage costs is probably the biggest of them all. Salesforce enterprise customers dealing with a massive volume of datasets, often look to implement the best-in-class strategies which can really help them manage the data growth & reduce the impact on their storage. By doing so they can maintain the best CRM performance with significant storage cost savings.

Out of all the available data management options, archiving the legacy data has proven to be one of the most effective ones. If we analyze the current data archiving industry trends, forward-thinking companies are actively implementing a robust data archiving solution to manage their Salesforce data. 

If we consider what are the available archiving options today, there are widely two possibilities: Developing a custom solution or Getting started with a readily available solution in the market. However, enterprises always get into some sort of dilemma while choosing any of these. We have a few aspects that really need to be considered while going for either of these options. These aspects can be classified into three basic categories which are the (i) Business aspects, the (ii) Technical aspects, and most importantly the (iii) Cost factor. But the question here is ‘What is ideal for your business while evaluating a custom solution & a readily available solution like DataArchiva considering all the above three aspects. Let’s have a quick comparison;

DataArchiva vs Custom Built Archiving Solution

We will be talking about some of the most important factors falling under the above three aspects while comparing these two kinds of solutions.

  • Time & Effort

With the growing business and time, data volume will increase like a wildfire. Data growth can’t be stopped. However, implementing the right solution at an early stage can help you in controlling the data growth and mitigating the negative impacts that high data volume brings in. Building a solution will take its own time & effort. And developing a highly robust and scalable custom solution that can seamlessly handle a huge volume of data will take several months or even years to get ready, tested, and implemented. While a promptly available solution like DataArchiva will start archiving your data from the very first minute once installed, configured, and set. 

  • Costs

Cost is probably the most important factor while we compare DataArchiva with any custom-built archiving solution. Building a solution in-house has its own costs including resource, development, maintenance, infrastructure, external hardware, etc. This cost varies and eternally on the higher side. If the data volume is massive, this cost will increase. On the other hand, if you are going for a solution like DataArchiva, the cost will be very less as compared. And moreover, DataArchiva will help you save over 85% of the storage costs.

  • Features

Building a custom solution with power-packed features is a tough task. As the solution will be dealing with data and in many cases sensitive data, it should be compliant and secure. If the solution doesn’t have quality features, it won’t help enterprises save time & cost or even address multiple pain points. On the other hand, DataArchiva is a highly feature-rich solution. Some of the top DataArchiva features are auto-scheduler, archiving policy setting, data integrity, archived data restoring option, data encryption, managing complex data relationships, file archiving, bulk data archiving, an external archiving option to major external databases & cloud systems, field audit trail & system audit trail archiving and much more.

  • One-stop Solution

Custom-built solutions are always one-dimensional, which means it will address any one particular use case. While DataArchiva is a one-stop solution for all kinds of Salesforce data management needs.

  • Alignment with the Salesforce Roadmap

It is very important for the custom archiving solution to be fully aligned with the Salesforce platform and future roadmap as Salesforce is a rapidly evolving ecosystem. However, in the majority of the cases, this is not possible due to various limitations. At the same time, DataArchiva is completely aligned with the Salesforce platform and its future roadmaps (We are a Salesforce ISV Partner). Our team has Salesforce Platform experts who are well versed with the in & out of the ecosystem & how it works. As a highly scalable solution, DataArchiva is fully equipped to manage any changes in order to meet critical business objectives.

  • Security & Accessibility

Data security is a major aspect when it comes to dealing with sensitive data. Most of the custom build archiving solutions can’t guarantee 100% data security & seamless accessibility. DataArchiva is a 100% native solution as well as GDPR compliant,  that offers seamless data accessibility at any point in time. As DataArchiva uses Big Objects (Salesforce’s Big Data-based storage system) it ensures that the archived data will never move out of the Salesforce system & remain as secure as it was before. As the user can see the archived data right within the Salesforce UI, this becomes easy to access the data without any hassle. DataArchiva is also certified by Salesforce to work with US Gov Cloud customers.

Managing Salesforce data growth and storage has now become easy and cost-effective. You need to have the right strategies and approaches while considering the most convenient data archiving solution for your Salesforce CRM. Getting started with DataArchiva will not only help you archive large datasets from day one, but the add-on features will help you save over 85% storage costs. To know more, please get in touch.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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