Why CEPTES built DataArchiva?

Data is expanding at a frantic pace with everyday growing business. As per an IDC report, by 2025 the amount of data created and copied annually will grow to 163 zettabytes (ZB), or one trillion gigabytes. This is a whopping 10 times more than the data generated in 2016. Today every organization retain most of their data to facilitate internal business requirements. Regardless of an enterprise’s reason for retaining data, archiving must stand the test of time. Looking at the pace at which IT evolves, the durability of data will be a deciding factor in business success.

It is well-known that storage is expensive in Salesforce. Our sole aim behind developing DataArchiva application was to save Salesforce storage cost and offer a top-notch data archiving solution powered by high performance, and security. Since years, Salesforce users were facing both technical and business hurdles when it comes to storing data in Salesforce. Salesforce Contact Manager is limited to 1 GB of data storage and 1.5 GB of file storage. In case of requirement of extra space, enterprises had to spend a lot in Salesforce. To save storage cost, archiving your data is possibly the best solution. If planned at the early stage, organizations can save thousands of dollars by having a data archiving solution.

DataArchiva: Your Salesforce Data Archiving Solution

CEPTES introduced DataArchiva, one of its flagship products considering various complexities associated with Salesforce data storage & security. We are going to highlight few of the top things we considered while visualizing the DataArchiva product concept.

Importance of Data: Need of Archival

When an organization grows over time, the data it creates grow as well with the addition of new users, new branches, and new operations. With the continuous creation of new data, old data becomes historical and less important. In order to store all data, you have to spend more in Salesforce storage and this investment will keep on increasing with each year as the amount of data will increase. Objects like Tasks, Events, Emails, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Custom audits, Custom objects keeps on growing and contribute significantly to enhance overall storage size. As we know deleting data is never a smart idea considering the role of data in today’s business world, archiving the old data and storing it for future use is always going to be helpful.  

High Storage Cost Vs Archiving

Let’s understand this with an example. If your organization has 10 Salesforce users and you have a Salesforce data storage requirement of 100GB, your storage cost will be somewhere around $300,000 per annum. When you look at your data, you will find almost 70% of your data will fall into old data category which you are not going to use in the near future. Isn’t the amount huge considering the nature of your data? Rather than investing a large amount of money in purchasing extra Salesforce storage space, you can always archive the data and store it for future use.

“DataArchiva saves up to 80% of your Salesforce storage cost”

One of our clients who was spending a lot on extra Salesforce storage as he wanted to store all his business data. Later he started archiving data with DataArchiva and saved a significant amount within the first few months of use.

Archivable Elements

Our product managers did comprehensive research before finalizing DataArchiva functionalities. We worked towards eliminating customer pain points and come out with innovative features.


Why CEPTES built DataArchiva


In Salesforce, there are various other kinds of data which could be archived. Those are; accounts, article types, campaigns, cases, contacts, contracts, custom objects, email messages, events, Google docs, leads, ideas, list email, notes, opportunities, orders, quotes, and tasks.

Security Hazard

Organizational data is always under the security radar once it leaves Salesforce to any external storage system. You need a secure connection in order to ensure your business-critical data is safe. CEPTES considered data security as one of the major points before developing DataArchiva. DataArchiva makes sure your business data is not exposed to any data violation with proper encryption.

Hassle-free Application Performance

While using Salesforce and an archiving solution, at times data will be distributed across Salesforce objects and archived objects. Searching any particular archived data could be a performance accelerated operation. We wanted to design and develop an archiving solution which is not going to affect the performance of the application and won’t create any trouble for the end users.

Top-notch User Experience

For any application, user-experience is one of the most important aspects. As a searched data will come from an archived source, too much of data overloading might result in time-consuming outputs. We wanted to address this issue and offer a robust solution which will speed up the search results and offer an impeccable user experience.

A Salesforce Native Solution

CEPTES wanted to offer a true native and admin friendly archiving solution which can be used by anyone. We were looking to develop a solution which can archive and restore data instantly. Keeping specific business needs in mind, we craved to enable the app support external integration through API and operate concurrently with other Salesforce custom solutions.

The Final Application

After considering & analyzing all these above challenges, we designed and developed DataArchiva. The rich features and functionalities will definitely help any enterprise, choose DataArchiva as their primary Salesforce data archiving solution. While saving storage cost up to 80%, no external storage, low maintenance cost, high application performance, instant archiving & restore and easy set-up have made DataArchiva the best Salesforce data archiving solution within few months. Contact us today to learn more about DataArchiva and how you can save your Salesforce storage cost without compromising on security & performance.


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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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