How to be a part of Dreamforce’19 Virtually without Missing Anything?
The final countdown for Dreamforce’19 has begun & trailblazers from every part of the world can’t wait for November 19th. Dreamforce is the biggest event for founders, entrepreneurs, and small business leaders to learn & network. With 2700+ sessions, super-sessions and major keynotes – Dreamforce’19 is all set to take us to tomorrow. No one wants to miss Dreamforce. However, for a small business, there could be many reasons for not being able to make it to San Francisco every year. Let’s be honest. Dreamforce is an expensive event and unfortunately, it can be a challenge for anyone to attend on a moderate budget. But that’s OK – You can still be a part of Dreamforce if you have got an internet connection. ALSO READ: DataArchiva is Introducing DataConnectiva During Dreamforce’19 If you are a small business owner, you can’t afford to miss the Small Business Keynote. You can watch the Small Business Keynote via Salesforce Live on November 21st at 12:30 PM PST. This will also be live-streamed in Salesforce’s small business Twitter handle @Essentials. The keynote will bring together some well-known small business trailblazers who will share their inspiring stories and how they achieved success. Don’t forget to share the live-stream, as Salesforce will be donating a meal to a person in need for each shared live-stream. This way you can also be a part of a cause in order to give it back to the community. So, grab your coffee, relax on your couch and enjoy the keynote. You can also watch a few breakout sessions in real-time each day of DF’19 via Salesforce Live. The best thing about Salesforce is our Ohana. The Community is so huge & connected that you can get all the updates right from the Moscone Center sitting at your home. For a small business leader, Small & Medium Businesses Trailblazer Community Group is the best place where you can get all the exclusive SMB Dreamforce updates & announcements. Apart from this, you can always follow Salesforce’s official social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) as well as Dreamforce hashtags to stay updated. Use #SalesforceLive to join the conversation and let people know you are watching the live stream. During Dreamforce, usually, we have local Dreamforce gatherings all over the world where trailblazers gather together and celebrate Dreamforce. Follow us on Twitter to get all the real-time Dreamforce news and announcements. ALSO READ: 5 Tips to Flourish Your Dreamforce ’19 Experience *source:

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