Dreamforce to You 2020: Here’s Everything That Went Down

It’s been over 10 days that the grandest Salesforce Cloud carnival of the year came to a fitting end but the Dreamforce experience is something to cherish for a long time. Like all the previous installments, this year’s event too was amazing for us. There were various action-packed sessions filled with learning, fun, inspiration, and connections. Over the course of Dreamforce to You 2020, there was a lot of action including some significant announcements, a handful of highly insightful sessions and workshops, and last but not the least, the presence of top business personalities.

Like always, the opening day of Dreamforce 2020 kick-started with the classic keynote by the Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, along with a panel of esteemed guests from Bentley Motors and AT&T. Some of the key announcements during the keynote session were:

  • Slack Acquisition: Salesforce announced the plans to acquire Slack, which will completely transform the way customers and companies function, uniquely enabling them to grow and succeed in the all-digital world.
  • Hyperforce: An innovative reimagination of Customer 360 Platform designed to securely deliver exceptional services on major public clouds like AWS, Google, Azure. 
  • Einstein Automate: An end-to-end workflow automation solution that delivers automation capabilities to help employees enhance their productivity by building intelligent workflows and integrating data across any system.
  • Service Cloud Workforce Engagement: A brand-new dynamic workforce planning solution to help in capacity forecasting and personalizing agent engagement including training, coaching, and onboarding. 

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Benioff also highlighted what Salesforce has done to serve the community and businesses, including donating hundreds of millions of dollars to local hospitals and medical faculties in the San Francisco Bay Area in addition to distributing supplies to the University of San Francisco. 

Being one of the most awaited events for professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem, Dreamforce managed to alleviate some of the stress brought by 2020 with several innovative solutions. In the coming days, Dreamforce DreamTX had hundreds of sessions, workshops, activities, live music, and a compass of learning. Spanning four days, each day was a Trailblazer master class on a different theme.   

  • Day 1 ‘Customer 360’: The sessions on the first day focussed on discussing new and innovative ways for unifying the teams centered around a company’s customers and delivering seamless and engaging experiences.
  • Day 2 ‘Working in the New Normal’: On the second day of DreamTX, several global leaders from successful companies around the world came together and discussed how they progressed and reinvented themselves in the new all-digital world.
  • Day3 ‘Customer Success’: The sessions focus on the personal stories of leading executives from organizations using Salesforce that act as inspiration for other companies that are currently on the path to digital transformation.
  • Day 4 ‘Trailhead’: On the final day of DreamTX, there were multiple short sessions that shed light on the latest innovations on the Salesforce Platform that were designed to help Salesforce customers go digital fast.

*source- Salesforce

And with these whirlwind of sessions, the completely reimagined Dreamforce to You 2020 event came to an end but the magic, the learning, the sessions, and all the Trailblazer love lingers on. This time, the event being entirely virtual, Dreamforce also facilitates easy and extended access to all the sessions, stories, and seminars that Trailblazers may have missed the first time around, so they can all work better together in the all-new digital world. 

Dreamforce 2020 was special for us as we introduced another flagship product DataBakup, which is a robust & easy to use data backup & recovery solution for Salesforce. With the addition of DataBakup, we are now a complete data & file management service provider for Salesforce customers. We have now external file management & collaboration solution, native data archiving solution, external data archiving solution & data backup & recovery solution under our enterprise product suite.

Dreamforce 2020 was truly inspirational but it’s time to start the countdown for the next year’s event. Till then, let’s keep blazing new trails! 

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