DataArchiva’s Latest Version 3.11.0 is Now Available in the AppExchange

DataArchiva has released the latest version of the application 3.11.0 in the last week of September 2019. The new version of the leading data archiving solution for Salesforce is now generally available for all the new as well as current users. 

In their latest release, DataArchiva has rolled out a few new features. Some of the newly introduced features are;

Fields to Exclude 

DataArchiva now provides the option to exclude fields that gives the user the liberty to choose the fields they don’t want to archive.

Archive Data Access Restriction

Now Archive data can be viewed based on the user permission applicable as per Salesforce.

Console App 

DataArchiva now supports the Salesforce console app.

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Apart from these new features, the application has come up with several enhancements with its existing features. 

Now DataArchiva Auditing is enhanced to support more events which in turn provides more accurate data in the Dashboard.

To improve user experience, the Archive Data Detail Page is now upgraded to support any number of Parent-Child relationships and with this, from a user perspective, there won’t be any changes in the look and feel of the archived data and the Salesforce Detail Page. 

After the new release, DataArchiva has become more secure & stable. The performance of the application has also significantly improved.

DataArchiva has been thriving as the first choice data archiving solution for various Salesforce enterprise customers. The solution is being used by multiple industries to archive Salesforce data into the Big Objects in order to save over 80% storage costs, improve CRM performance, and retain data for governance. With its extension package called DataConnectiva, DataArchiva customers are also archiving their Salesforce data into many external Cloud or On-premise storage systems including AWS, Google, Azure, and Heroku. 

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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