How DataArchiva is making Salesforce data archiving easy, secure and cost-effective?

Businesses generate a lot of data and often it becomes tough for them to manage the unproportionate data growth and subsequently resulting in high data space consumption. Salesforce offered primary data storage is limited and additional storage is expensive. You can’t stop data growth. However, following a strategic approach can help you optimize your storage space and reduce storage cost. Out of all the potential approaches, archiving historical data and keeping the primary Salesforce storage space less packed widely considered as the best option.

Though there are a number of archiving solution providers, DataArchiva has been preferred over other similar solutions. What makes DataArchiva unique? After successfully implementing the solution in different companies from varied industries, we found that it is the ease of archiving process, innovative features, and the power of Big Objects, that makes DataArchiva distinct. A solution needs to be scalable, secure, accessible and admin-friendly, and DataArchiva offers all these. While Big Objects makes DataArchiva flawless when it comes to data security, other additional features make the solution best in class.

Ease of archiving

No hassle. Simple process. You can automate the archiving process by scheduling the job. Rest will be taken care of by the application. Follow these simple steps: (i) Choose Objects, (ii) Define Criteria, (iii) Schedule Archiving and then Forget. Once scheduled, DataArchiva will automatically archive your data periodically taking care of all the complexities under the hood. If you have a bulk volume of data that requires to be archived, you can archive bulk data based on any complex filter criteria along with child relationships for any level. Want to restore your data at the record level? You can do it with just one click.

Want to see how easy it is? Refer to this video.

Features built to make your archiving experience exceptional

DataArchiva is more than just a data archiving solution. Its innovative capabilities are making it the best available application. DataArchiva has features such as Encryption at Rest, Data Purging, Files/Attachment Support, Auto Metadata Sync, Field Audit Trail, System Audit Trail, Data Migration, Integration, etc. which together makes the application one of a kind. Few of the most popular features are;

  • Scheduler

Once scheduled, DataArchiva will automatically archive your data taking care of all the complexities.

  • Encryption at Rest

PII & Non-PII fields of archived data can be encrypted at rest for standard/custom objects.

  • Complex Data Relationships

Takes care of your complex data relationships of any level without losing data and integrity.

  • Auto Metadata Sync

Takes care of synchronizing schema changes e.g addition/removal of fields & data types.

  • Data Purging

Helps to define the retention period on the archived data & the policy depending on the industry compliance requirements.

  • Bulk Archive & Restore

Archive bulk data based on any complex filter criteria along with child relationships for any level. You can also do a one-click restore on record level.

  • Optional External Storage

With DataConnectiva connector, Data can be archived into any external cloud/on-premise storage platforms such as Heroku, AWS, Azure, Google, etc. with support for a variety of relational databases such as MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MySQL & Oracle.

The power of Big Objects

Big Objects is Salesforce’s big data solution which allows you to store and manage a massive amount of data (billions of records or more) within the Salesforce platform. The performance will not take a hit and it will be consistent with easy accessibility through a standard set of APIs to your org or external system. DataArchiva archives your historical data and store it in the Big Objects, which means data will never go out of the Salesforce system ensuring the highest security. This will benefit data-sensitive industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Government & Public Sector, etc.

Archiving your data into the Big Objects with the help of DataArchiva will save you significant storage costs (more than 80%). If your industry demands long term data retention and has regulatory policies, DataArchiva powered by Big Objects is the solution that will make your life easy.

Know more about Big Objects here.

Salesforce Data Archiving Strategy; Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again!

Today enterprises of various sizes and from multiple industries are strategically archiving their historical Salesforce data and successfully addressing Salesforce data growth-related challenges embracing DataArchiva. If your Salesforce Org is growing in size and you are still wondering what could be the best way to address data growth, get in touch with our team today for a demo.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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