WEBINAR: The Role of Data in the Era of Digital Transformation on Salesforce

Digital Transformation has become a necessity rather than a luxury. A company’s future growth & sustainability largely depends on how they are using cutting-edge technologies to serve their customers better while being cost-effective. Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. Today’s highly competitive environment demands constant interaction with customers while having a holistic view of customer data. 

However, the new age challenge for the digital transformation is not just the choice to go into the Cloud but to ensure that legacy data is also available and it’s not lost in the entire transition. As ‘Data’ is the new oil and is the most crucial factor of digital transformation, it is important to have access to data whenever required. For Salesforce enterprise customers, data is everything, however, data storage limitations are the biggest obstruction. Considering this age-old storage challenge, businesses often rethink their digital transformation strategy. 

Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce orgs have LIMITED data storage. In the current era of digital transformation where data plays an extremely crucial role, progressive enterprises need to store & access a massive volume of data in order to get a holistic view of their customers. 

Though everything seems to be complex right at the beginning, a right set of strategies along with the right tool can really prove out to be the key & that’s how multiple Fortune 500 companies today have embraced digital transformation on Salesforce. Archiving the old legacy data to some cold storage by keeping the integrity intact is the option that most of these enterprises consider.

With customer 360 as the key focus, the first key factor to consider for the digital transformation is how data would be migrated and how it would be available since the platform has its limitations. DataArchiva plays a pivotal role in the Salesforce digital transformation strategy & 

DataArchiva plays a vital role in the Salesforce digital transformation strategy and it helps to bring the entire legacy data to the platform to give a complete Customer 360 overview. 

Join Harish & Rakesh from DataArchiva in the upcoming webinar to see how an efficient data strategy can really help you drive high business efficiencies & accelerate your digital transformation journey on the Salesforce platform with the help of DataArchiva.

Register for the webinar to take the next big leap in the year 2020 to the world of greater possibilities. 

Webinar Details

Title: The Role of Data in the Era of Digital Transformation on Salesforce
Live on: 5th Feb, 10:30 AM EST

Tune in to discover;

  1. Challenges enterprise and unlimited org customers face with data
  2. Understand how different data from various systems can be integrated within salesforce
  3. How to ensure data increase trend can be curbed to get great performance and cost savings with amazing business ROI?

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