Australian Real-estate Firm Championed B2B Marketing in Pardot with Efficient Data Management

Customer Overview

The customer is a specialized property investment consulting firm offering wealth coaching, financing, and investment structuring services. Their customers grow their investments through executing proposed investment strategies. Customers have a wide range of property investment options, resulting in profitable returns, leading to a financially secure post-retirement life. In a nutshell, their clients require turn-key solutions for everything related to real estate investment planning and finance management.


Our customer utilizes Salesforce Pardot for their marketing automation. Pardot creates internal activities records for every transaction, resulting in the rapid growth of Salesforce data. In addition, other sources of data growth, such as emails, activities, tasks, events, accounts, cases, leads, etc. added to the data volume. The data grew exponentially and as a growing business, the data is predicted to grow at a faster rate in the future. Additional Salesforce storage space was not a smart financial option due to the huge Salesforce storage costs. They were looking for an archiving solution, which could archive the data and offer them a cost-effective solution without affecting system performance.

Wow … Superb and Amazing!!
We’ve been waiting years to have this kind of native, secured, cost-effective, affordable, zero maintenance, instant archive/restore, and easy-to-setup data archive solution, without taking our data out of the Salesforce platform. A must-have app for every Salesforce Administrator. If you have consumed more than 80% of your data storage, then you need this app today. It truly saves 80-90% of your storage cost instantly.


  • DataArchiva with its innovative data archiving features best meet the customer’s criteria-based archiving while providing an integrated live & archived data environment.
  • By periodically archiving the records (generated through Pardot), DataArchiva reduced the recurring data storage cost significantly.
  • Data governance, security, and compliance were retained at prevailing levels as the data is available as and when required for governance and compliance while following the prevailing security policies.
  • Our client could access archived data just as viewing the live data without affecting user experience. 
  • Overall application performance was improved in a positive manner as the quantum of data used for everyday operations was reduced drastically due to near-live archiving.

DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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