US Government Agency Efficiently Met Stringent Compliance Needs with Long-term Data Retention

Customer Overview

As a government body, the customer is committed to protect and promote the interests of the job seekers in the US state of Connecticut thereby assisting the workforce and indirectly the entire state economy. A comprehensive approach is used to meet the needs of customers to provide a variety of unemployment compensation services. Services offered include CTHires (a Free employment website to connect job seekers and employers) and CT Direct Benefits for claiming unemployment benefits. They also host many online publications such as labor force trends to assist job seekers. A business service team offers consulting services related to various business fields.

Problem Statement

The services offered by the customer through their online unemployment benefits services using the Service Cloud and Live Agent generate large amounts of confidential data (PII).  Other data generation sources such as emails, public records, case history, activities (tasks and events), audit data, and reports added to the ever-expanding data.

Due to a seven-year Federal and State retention requirement, the volume of data continues to grow exponentially and the future predictions are that this data will grow at a faster rate. As a Government body, all data is treated as highly sensitive and needs to be period maintained due to compliance requirements. As a Salesforce customer, the recurring data storage cost was increasing rapidly. They were looking for a secure and scalable Government Cloud-ready native Salesforce data archiving solution.

Great App to Save on Data Storage Costs + Great Teamwork!
As a Government entity, data security and compliance were two of the biggest challenges for us. As our Salesforce data continues to increase in volume (seven-year retention requirement), we were looking for a Government Cloud certified archiving service provider. DataArchiva met our stringent & complex requirements by offering a secure data archiving solution. DataArchiva with its handful of innovative features added value to our business. The team behind DataArchiva is resourceful & skilled. Their rate of response is fantastic. They adhered to the plan and ensured quality and support. The team understood our pain areas and worked with us to offer us a positive impact solution. We highly recommend DataArchiva for any industry in which a large amount of data must be retained. Our favorite part is that even though the App archived our data, it continues to be readily available at all times – no other data archiving App offers this level of functionality and ease of use. Great people to work with !!

Solution Offered

  • As a Government Cloud-ready application, DataArchiva was eligible to serve US federal and state organizations.  DataArchiva with its innovative data archiving features best meet the customer’s stringent security and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) requirements.
  • By periodically archiving the data (settled claims/old records/chat history etc.), DataArchiva reduced our client’s recurring data storage cost significantly.
  • Data governance was improved as this ‘near live’ solution eliminated the risk of regulatory compliance violation.
  • Overall application performance was improved in a positive manner as the quantum of data used for everyday operations was reduced drastically due to near-live archiving.
  • The archived data is stored in the Salesforce ecosystem made sure that the data adheres to the prevailing security aspects.
  • Archived cases remain easily accessible for any future reviews or audits.

DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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