Are you looking for a backup solution for your Salesforce Org? Here is DataBakup for you!

In today’s generation, when organizations are bound to retain most of their data for various internal business processes, this data is expanding at a frantic pace. To combat the challenges associated with data, an enterprise must opt for a long-term data management strategy. In this scenario, archiving surely stands the test of time. Keeping in mind these things, we designed and launched the ‘DataArchiva’ application in 2018 with the sole aim to reduce Salesforce data storage costs and offer an enterprise-level data archiving experience, powered by high performance and security. 

And then after the enterprises identified the potential of DataArchiva and realized the value it adds to their business, we asked ourselves ‘What’s next’? That is when we came up with another data archiving solution, ‘DataConnectiva’. DataConnectiva offers an option to seamlessly archive your Salesforce data and store it securely in your preferred external storage system other than Big Objects with support for multiple external platforms such as Amazon, Azure, Google, etc. and storage systems including Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, etc.

But after all this time, we again wished to take our customer experience to the next level. So we came up with yet another flagship data management solution called ‘DataBakup’. DataBakup is a simple data backup and recovery application that is custom-designed and can support multiple Salesforce systems like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other tailor-made Salesforce solutions. Another beneficial feature is the option for either full backup or the incremental backup, with which enterprises can easily overcome their fear of data loss, both accidental and malware. 

DataBakup is designed to not only safeguard the data but to ensure the highest levels of data security within the cloud infrastructure also. This highly scalable application is also equipped with a seamless data restoration feature, which makes it an all-round long-term data management strategy. This easy-to-use solution offers both scheduled and on-demand backup service as well. DataBakup is also priced conveniently so it can be used by most of the small to mid-range enterprises.

DataArchiva and DataConnectiva have already proved themselves to be the most preferred Salesforce data archiving solutions in the market. With DataBakup, we guarantee you the same level of trust and efficiency while backing up your important data to external storage systems. To know more about the application, contact us today.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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