DATA plays a key role in the growth of any enterprise, especially when it comes to companies in the healthcare and financial services. In both these sectors, a massive volume of data is generated on a regular basis which leads to a hoard of challenges in Salesforce data management. Data archiving proves to be an ideal solution for such enterprises. This on-demand webinar, episode 3 of the #DataArchiva2020WebinarSeries, discusses how the healthcare & financial sector companies can overcome their Salesforce data management challenges by adopting effective Salesforce Data Archiving Strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand key archiving challenges using Veeva CRM for HealthCare industry
  • Understand key data growth parameters for the financial industry
  • Highlight and showcase how these challenges were mitigated using DataArchiva
  • See some configuration and implementation exclusively implemented for these industry customers

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DataArchiva – A Key to Data Governance, Analytics & Retention


DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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