Is the exponential data growth in your Salesforce Org the root cause of your problems? Whether you use Sales Cloud, Paradot, Service Cloud, Chatter, Finance Cloud, or any other Salesforce solution, there is no escaping from this data growth. But instead of just being concerned by this data surge, you should make yourself aware of the dire consequences of leaving this Salesforce data unmanaged. This on-demand webinar will help you understand what can be the repercussions of leaving your Salesforce data growth unmanaged & how a data archival approach can be effectively leveraged to resolve this issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Sources of data growth in Salesforce
  • Consequences of unmanaged Salesforce data growth
  • Solutions that can be leveraged to manage data
  • Role of DataArchiva: Features & Benefits
  • A quick demo of DataArchiva’s functionalities  

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DataArchiva – A Key to Data Governance, Analytics & Retention


DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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