How Financial Enterprises can Ensure High Data Security while Archiving their Salesforce Data using DataArchiva?

In today’s digitally-driven business era, the importance of data has become inevitable. In multiple ways, data is not only streamlining critical business processes but also helping enterprises enjoy that extra cheese over their competitors. While we talk about data & its significance in the financial sector, it is undoubtedly limitless. The financial industry runs on data & the volume of data they deal with is massive. 

When you are dealing with a massive volume of data, at times it becomes extremely challenging to manage large datasets seamlessly, & the complexities further increase while using a Salesforce CRM. Salesforce data management has its own challenges in the form of limited offered storage space, high storage costs, maintaining an uninterrupted CRM performance, retaining long term data accessibility for compliance, boosting governance, maintaining data security, and much more. 

Financial companies often consider certain critical aspects of data such as storage cost, security, accessibility, integrity, and compliance while adopting a data management strategy. An efficient archiving strategy has proven to be the most hassle-free, cost-efficient, and impactful approach so far for financial enterprises. Archiving historical data can help financial service providers address challenges like storage space optimization, bringing the storage costs down, maintaining high CRM performance, and retaining data for a longer time. But how can they achieve all these within a highly secured environment? This is where DataArchiva stands tall and many top financial enterprises using a Salesforce application (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Cloud, etc.) have put their trust and money on the application.

Now let us show you how financial enterprises can ensure high data security while archiving their Salesforce data using DataArchiva. 

Watch the Video to see how a Fortune 500 financial company used DataArchiva to manage their Salesforce data growth & save 85% storage costs. 

The ONLY Native Archiving Solution for Salesforce

When we talk about DataArchiva, the first thing that makes the application a first-choice for financial enterprises is that, it is the only native data archiving solution for Salesforce available in the AppExchange. DataArchiva uses Big Objects to store the archived data & Big Objects is Salesforce’s own big data-based storage system. So when financial service providers archive their data using DataArchiva can be assured that their sensitive data will never leave their Salesforce system and get exposed to any external environment. Users can choose which objects to archive and can also set filter criteria.

Encryption at Rest

DataArchiva has an inbuilt feature called Encryption at rest using which archived data can also be encrypted. Enabling this feature, financial enterprises using DataArchiva can encrypt PII & Non-PII fields while getting their data archived into the Big Objects. In order to maintain an advanced security practice, the secret key for the encryption required to be changed at a regular interval. DataArchiva also offers an option to generate a new secret key on demand whenever required. Based on the key generation policy, subsequent data encryption will use the most recently generated key. This feature helps financial companies manage their CRM data securely as they deal with sensitive data and also one of the highly regulated industries.

In order to optimize Salesforce storage space, manage data more efficiently, reduce storage costs, boost governance & ensure enterprise-grade data security, financial enterprises using a Salesforce system can opt for DataArchiva to experience a better Salesforce experience without thinking about the data growth concerns. Apart from having top-notch features that make data security inevitable, the solution offers a bunch of other striking features like auto-archiving, auto-metadata sync, policy-based archiving, on-demand restore, optional external archiving and much more, DataArchiva has helped financial companies reduce their data storage costs by over 85% and also helped them keep seamless access to all their data in order to address compliance and governance demands.

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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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