DataArchiva Webinar Highlights: Archiving Salesforce Data into AWS RDS

We would like to thank you for attending our latest webinar on Salesforce data archiving titled “Archiving Salesforce Data into AWS RDS” and making it a highly successful session. It was a delight hosting so many of you and we believe the information that we shared during the session was informative. By now you must have got a full recap of the webinar along with other resources in your email from our support team. For those who missed this webinar, nothing to worry about. We are going to give you all the highlights of the webinar here in this post and also will have more similar kinds of webinars in the coming days. 

The webinar was hosted by Ratish, Nanda & Thileepa who are the core technical members of DataArchiva and DataConnectiva teams. In our previous webinars, we discussed multiple use cases on Salesforce data storage challenges and how to address them leveraging Big Objects. DataArchiva helped many Salesforce enterprise customers manage their data growth by archiving their historical data into Big Objects. If you haven’t followed our previous webinars, please check them here. In this latest webinar, we discussed use cases where customers wanted to archive their data into external storage systems, especially into AWS relational database systems. 

Referring a particular use case where one of our customers who are one of the largest educational institutes in the USA and also a Salesforce enterprise customer, Ratish discussed their data growth challenges and how DataArchiva’s extended package DataConnectivahelped them address the challenge. With DataConnectiva, they were able to archive their Salesforce historical data and store it externally in AWS Postgres. Nanda gave more inputs about the solution with architecture and also talked on crucial aspects like security, deployment, how to run analytics & reports, etc. Thileepa took us through a short demo of the application and showed how an enterprise can seamlessly archive their Salesforce data and leverage best-in-class DataConnectiva in-built features to use their Salesforce CRM like never before. She also talked about the application benefits. Ratish took from there and explained the benefits of using an external storage system like AWS to store Salesforce data. 

The overall session was highly enlightening and during the closing minutes, Nanda answered many questions asked by the attendees. We would like to again thank you all for joining us. We will shortly announce the next session details. To stay updated, please follow our social media channels. 

You can have a look at the webinar recording here & can download a copy of the presentation here. Please send all your queries to [email protected]

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