Data Governance on Salesforce: Webinar Highlights

Before starting the post, we would like to thank all the attendees who took some time out from their schedule and joined us in our latest webinar on 18th March. It was wonderful hosting you & we really look forward to the next episode in April. 

Now talking about the webinar, we really had an incredible session discussing the importance of data governance, related challenges and how archiving can help Salesforce enterprise customers manage their CRM data & efficiently lead governance. Our hosts Harish & Rakesh started the session with an overview of data governance and it’s ingredients, need & focus areas. While explaining all these key elements, Harish gave insights on top data governance ingredients such as data stewardship, data quality, architecture & management. He also highlighted why enterprises need governance and what should be their key focus areas. 

Followed by this, Harish talked about the top four challenges of data governance that most of the organizations are facing today. The challenge of data availability, integrity, security & regulatory are yet to be addressed in order to improve governance. The most exciting part of the session befell when he referred a couple of real-time use cases including a leading Fortune 500 healthcare company & the world’s #1 travel & hospitality technology company. He explained what were their challenges related to governance & how DataArchiva with its unique features helped them address those challenges in order to efficiently lead governance. The discussion included Service Cloud & ServiceMax customer’s pain points while considering data management.

Next, Rakesh took the audience through a quick demo of DataArchiva & showed how it can help Salesforce enterprise customers manage their CRM data better with it’s impeccable archiving capabilities. He demonstrated some of the inbuilt solution features and explained how data can be managed to keep the integrity, security, and accessibility intact. 

During the closing minutes of the session, Harish again explained how leading Salesforce using companies are blending the power of the platform with DataArchiva in order to drive high business efficiency by improving the CRM performance, leading governance and reducing over 85% storage costs. He also took some questions related to governance, data archiving, and data management from the audience and answered them. 

One of the interesting facts about the webinar was, this time we had a huge number of audiences spanning over multiple industries and countries. We really enjoyed the session and can’t wait to host again next month.

The next episode will go live on 15th April and this session will cover the challenges that financial and healthcare industries are facing today when it comes to Salesforce data management. We are going to talk about various industry-focused solutions such as Veeva and how DataArchiva is helping these industries successfully address data growth-related challenges. Stay tuned for more updates.

Watch the full recap of the webinar:

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