Healthcare Leader Transformed Data Storage Needs in Salesforce with Native Archive to Stay Compliant

Company Overview

The company is a global leader in leveraging advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated healthcare solutions including diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care.


Salesforce data growth is inevitable, and it becomes sheer when you have multiple production orgs with a lot of customizations & 3rd-party app integrations. The customer was generating data from eternal sources and it was not only taking a hit on their storage, performance; it was also making the data retention complex to meet regulatory compliance demands. Let’s discuss in detail the data growth-related challenges that the customer was experiencing.

Massive Data Growth from Case Object

  • Our client who is the world’s largest medical equipment manufacturer & a Fortune 500 company had multiple production Orgs. In one of their Orgs, a large volume of data growth was observed against a Salesforce application called OneEMX.
  • The OneEMX application was used to manage all their cases & later they also started using ServiceMax.
  • They wanted to move from OneEMX to ServiceMax as using multiple applications was a challenge.

Complexities in Data Archival

  • As there were extensive integrations & multiple parallels running jobs, the challenge was huge for archiving data from the production Org.
  • They were looking for a data archival solution that can ensure a highly efficient process & runs within a particular time slot to archive a certain volume of data.
  • As there were a lot of architectural changes as being a top fortune 500 company & the data was huge in each record, managing that much data processing was extremely challenging.

Ever Rising Storage Costs

  • In order to keep all the data with them, they kept on purchasing additional data storage from Salesforce, which was extremely expensive & also considering the amount of data they were generating, it was not also a feasible strategy.

System Performance Degradation

  • With the sheer volume of data & rapid growth, the system performance was significantly impacted & started resulting in lowered productivity.

Regulatory Compliance

  • As they were looking to onboard the archival solution in one of their North American Org, they were compelled to adhere to industry regulatory compliance demands & to implement an in-house archival system that will archive all the cases & its child records under OneEMX & ServiceMax.
  • Turnaround time: 20 weeks (taking the solution from sandbox to production including all the complex customizations)
  • Better optimized Salesforce Org with over 85% reduction in storage costs
  • With the less accessed/closed cases archived, the performance issue was addressed, and it resulted in enhanced productivity
  • Zero impact on the user experience as both archived & live data can be seen within the Salesforce app.
  • Highly robust data life cycle management process with 100% data accessibility to meet regulatory compliance needs.
  • Used Big Objects to keep the archived data.


Data Management Partner

  • Worked with multiple stakeholders, consulting partners to identify & analyze specific business use cases. We also went through extensive technical evaluation in order to offer the best solution which can make the entire archival process seamless & efficient.

Archiving the Case Objects to Big Objects

  • Salesforce proposed DataArchiva as a perfect solution considering the complex data management requirements. We successfully implemented our solution DataArchiva in the production Org in order to archive the case objects into Big Objects.

Highly Efficient & Intuitive Archival Engine

  • The data to be archived was from 2010-11 & each day there was a minimum of 3000 cases created. 
  • As required, the solution archived two different types of cases together, one from OneEMX & the other from ServiceMax.
  • The entire hierarchy of about 30-35 objects was configured under the Case (Parent) Objects of both OneEMX & ServiceMax.
  • All the closed cases were also archived & with a custom logic a particular field was populated specifying records to be archived.

View of Archived Cases in the Live System

  • The non-admin users were provided a custom page (ListView Component) to view archived Cases under the live system.
  • As ServiceMax was the latest CRM that the service agents were using, when they reopened old cases in OneEMX, the cases were opened in ServiceMax without hindering the user experience.
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DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce using Big Objects that help Salesforce application users archive their historical data without losing data integrity.

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